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We don't try to offer you the most games...just the very best games. Here you will find 300 of the best arcade-style games the Net has to offer. No need to waste your time searching pages upon pages of games just to find something worth playing...every game on this site is top-of-the-line...hand-picked from 1000's of games...quality not quantity! Enjoy!

Game of the Day


table tennis

Challenging online version of Table Tennis game where you've to play against your computer and try to win all the levels. You need some sporting skills and quick reflexes to defeat your opponent.


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This game is rated: EXCELLENT


Game of the Month



You get a choice of racing either Formula 1 cars or Nascar racing cars. The Game is 3D. You can toggle between different views: one view allows you a driver's seat view. Turbo boosts aren't necessary to win.


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This game is rated: EXCELLENT


How technology has transformed online gambling

Online gambling is the friend of technology since the two cannot be separated. As a matter of fact, there have been numerous technological advancements in the last 2 decades of internet gambling. The following are some of the ways through which technology has transformed online gambling.

3D dimension

2D has its own limitations. Initially, internet casinos relied on 2D games because they were the best thing that ever happened on the internet. However, game developers realized that 2D gaming was restrictive due to the fact that players could do very little with them. The possibilities of what 2D gaming could do was eventually going to be exhausted, hence the introduction of 3D.

This is not to say that 3 dimension gaming was not present in the 1980s. It’s only that this technology was not available in gambling games, although it was present in games such as Red Racer. However, this game didn’t look appealing. It was somehow convoluted.

Thankfully, technology has brought powerful graphic software on board. Games are looking and feeling better. 3 dimension is the fundamental change about how online casino games look and feel.

Still on graphics

Modern games have complex textures, shades, and sprites. In fact, the way graphics are rendered on gaming platforms is very unique compared to how graphics were provided initially.

The current enhancement of graphics is attributed to major hardware upgrades in mobile devices (which have since dominated the world of online gaming). On the other hand, games that used to be played nearly 3 decades ago had limited processors. They were characterized by choppy performance and players couldn’t do anything about that fact.

Today, users are enjoying high-speed hardware which enables them to take their gaming to the next level. This technology has also allowed better rendering of instructions, pixel, and even shading. This is common place in today’s internet games.

The issue of portability

The world is currently caught up in the fever of making everything portable. And since internet casinos are always the first to adapt new technology, the industry couldn’t be left behind either.

In the spirit of making things portable, gaming consoles were introduced and made easy to carry along. Thinner and lighter mobile devices were introduces as well. This prompted people to start playing internet games anywhere at any time.

The uniqueness that comes with being able to play anywhere anytime is undeniable. In fact, this idea was the basis for introducing portable mp3 players and other mobile devices.

Payment methods

Internet casinos now accept a wide range of payment methods. Bitcoin is one particular payment method that has added a dose of convenience in these gaming platforms. With Bitcoin, payment and cashing out is made convenient. No limitations or delays when transactions are performed using crypto-currency.

Generally, there are so many ways in which technology has influenced and transformed online gambling. It is the reason why internet casinos are so much attractive these days. Players feel that they are getting entertainment in its purest form. And the incentive of playing these games is quite obvious: people win cool prizes.

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